Scarification, Scarifying, Pune,India


Scarification is a mechanical process by which the deteriorated or contaminated surface of a concrete slab or surface is removed or "scarified". The purpose is to reach a sound substrate upon which a new flooring system will be placed. The process itself can take several forms but specifically, scarrification is accomplished with shot blasting (shot blasting).

Either by diamond grinding or STR machines with wire attachment pads to provide suitable keying for industrial flooring applications.


Scarifying is a more aggressive form of removal which allows the removal of thick mill coatings, overlays, thin set or as much as 1/2 inch removal of concrete in several passes. Wide variety of scarifying equipment that ranges from 8 inch, 12 inch, & 13 inch wide and powered by electric or gasoline. All models can be used dry with dust collector or wet to control any airborne dust.