List Of Machineries

S. No. Name of the Machine
1 Auto Blast-Shot Blasting Machine with inbuilt dust collector (SPE-UK make-SPE – 12 E SUPER Model)
2 Mobile scarrifier machine for floor surface preparation (SPE-UK make BEF 200 , ERRUT-UK make, Trelawny-UK make)
3 Tremix : Vacuum dewatering system complete set
4 Groove cutting machines
5 Hot compressed air blasting machine for oil removal from concrete floor
6 Pressure grout pump for injection grouting
7 Power tools such as heavy duty drills, concrete breaker, cutters etc
8 Electric power breakers
9 Spike Rollers, Mohr’s Epoxy Rollers
10 Concrete Hand Grinders & Mobile Grinding Machines
11 Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
12 Pan Mixers – 200 Kg. & 250 Kg. mixing capacity each
13 Multiheaded Pneumatic Scabbler- Trelawny UK make-MHS-11
14 Triple Headed Pneumatic Scabbler & Scrapper - Trelawny UK
15 Single Headed Diamond Disc Floor Grinder – Local
16 Concrete Leveller - Magic Screed

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