Floor Preparation

Floor Surface Preparation Methods

  • Concrete Floor Shot Blasting
  • Scarification
  • Scabbling
  • Diamond Grinding
  • Removal of surface contamination

Epoxy/PU Applicators/Contractors must have the equipment & experience to carry out the most effective industrial flooring preparation process, Scarifying being the most efficient including repairs to cracks & holes so that the applied industrial flooring system achieves the best possible finish.

Oil contamination & grease can be removed by degreasing detergents & epoxy resin oil suppressant primers.

Floor Preparation is the single most important process to achieve the best result for the following industrial flooring system.

Floor Surface Preparation Methods

Concrete Floor Shot Blasting

Concrete Floor Shot Blasting is the most effective & economical form of Floor Preparation for all industrial flooring applications. The machines used are coupled to dust extraction units, which keep circulating dust to an absolute minimum. Large areas of industrial flooring can be prepared quickly with little disruption to clients.


Scarification is a mechanical process by which the deteriorated or contaminated surface of a concrete slab or surface is removed or "scarrified". The purpose is to reach a sound substrate upon which a new flooring system will be placed. The process itself can take several forms but specifically, scarification is accomplished with shot blasting (shot blasting).

Either by diamond grinding or STR machines with wire attachment pads to provide suitable keying for industrial flooring applications.

Scarifying is a more aggressive form of removal which allows the removal of thick mill coatings, overlays, thin set or as much as 1/2 inch removal of concrete in several passes. Wide variety of scarifying equipment that ranges from 8 inch, 12 inch, & 13 inch wide and powered by electric or gasoline. All models can be used dry with dust collector or wet to control any airborne dust.


Scabblers are usually used prior to shot blasting poor industrial flooring substrates. Scabbling is much slower than shot blasting but ideal for removing patches of thick flaky coatings & oil contaminated industrial flooring.

Diamond Grinding

Triple head machines are used to remove undulations & contamination on industrial flooring. Smaller areas & edgework can be carried out with hand held grinders.

Floor Grinders have ability to remove coatings, glue, and much more., while leaving the surface clean, smooth & ready for the application of thin mil coating & stains.

Acid Etching

If acid etching, the area to be prepared is hosed thoroughly, being careful to wet down any adjoining areas that may be damaged by contact with the acid solution. It is very important to keep the entire area wet until completion of the etching process. Never allow the acid solution to dry on the concrete as this could weaken the adhesion of the system.

Etching is normally a two-man procedure, with one man operating the floor machine (a nylo grit brush is used for etching) and the other man responsible for pouring the acid evenly and working the broom. The second man will also control the flushing of the area with the hose. The acid is mixed in a 5 gallon plastic pail - 3 or 4 parts water to 1 part acid. The strength of the solution is determined by the condition of the concrete. Very hard, smooth or shiny concrete will require a stronger solution.

The acid solution is poured into a sprinkling can and then onto the surface. Hold the sprinkling can close to the surface to avoid splashing the acid on adjoining areas. Caution: the acid solution will permanently damage aluminum doors or painted metal surfaces. Keep adjoining outdoor carpet wet at all times and minimize contact with the acid solution.